Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eugepae! Eamus!

Magistri et Magistrae,

Salvete!  The most frequent Linguachet question I hear is no surprise to any of us:  

Can I write my own sentences for my classes?

Now the answer is yes.  Over the past year, I built a new teacher webapp., Linguachet Scribe, which is now useful in beta.  Use your Linguachet teacher username and password to log in.  Don't have one of those yet?  Click here for directions.

To shorten the learning curve, it's built like the original Linguachet app., with many new teacher features.  (If Linguachet is new to you, start with the two-minute video overview here.) 

  • Build your own courses and units.  
  • Team up with up to two other Linguachet Latin teachers to build each course. 
  • Write your own sentences...two different ways!*
  • Add additional vocabulary specific to each of your courses.
  • Make changes to a sentence, then try it yourself with one click.

Drop your new course into one or more of your classes.  Then your students can log into the regular Linguachet app. and try your sentences.  A six-minute how-to screencast walks you through the basics here.  

The tabs and buttons cover the basics, but there are more subtle features as well.   I'll use your questions to post a how-to screencast in a few days.   Because it's a webapp.,  I can fix bugs and sneak in more cool new features by night without your noticing.  (Bwahaha!)

Go crazy until June 20th.   Please respect copyright and be original.  You're all originals anyway.  This should be fun!

Eugepae!  Eamus!

*To see helpful example sentences, select "Universal Latin 1" and click to edit.  It won't let you save changes there, but it WILL give you ideas you can use right away!

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